Packers Coaching Staff Changes

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Important Coaching Changes Underway For The Packers

Fans of the Green Bay Packers were likely impressed by what they saw this season. Despite key injuries to player like Aaron Rodgers, the team was able to secure its division title. There will undoubtedly be some changes during the off season, but many within the organization are please with how things unfolded. Mike McCarthy served as head coach and brought in a lot of expertise to lead the team. But even he admitted that 2013 was the most challenging that he has faced in his career. The team likely hopes that they will be able to change things up during the course of the next year.

The Packers will actually be losing Ben McAdoo, who had previously served as the team’s quarterback coach. He will be headed for a new position, filling in as the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. The team has secured Alex Van Pelt to work as their new quarterback coach. Van Pelt has played at the quarterback position in the league before, giving him a considerable amount of experience. He has also managed to piece together a surprisingly high quality resume, which has prepared him for this role. Anyone holding or looking to buy Packers tickets online will likely want to stay up to date on how he manages to fulfill this role over time.

There will be a few other changes to watch for the team over the course of the next season. Kevin Green will be departing as the team’s outside linebacker coach. This will produce another vacancy in the staff of the Packers, so the office will need to hire for this as well. This means that the team will be undergoing a transition with its leadership over the course of the next year. Given the transition the team is going through, fans should consider getting Packers tickets for next season to show their support.