NASCAR Predictions

Predictions For The Upcoming NASCAR Season

With the arrival of the newest NASCAR season, many fans will be watching to see whether their favor teams come out on top. But there are many who will also want to learn more about the different events underway for the league. 2014 is quickly shaping up to be one of the most exciting in the history of NASCAR. This is owing to some major changes that are happening and how drivers are going to be reacting on the track. Fans will no doubt want to follow the news surrounding these changes. This may give them the encouragement that they need to book NASCAR tickets soon.

Some fans might be interested to know if the Dodge car manufacturer will be getting back in to the sport. The maker famously left the sport after the 2012 season, much to the disappointment of many fans out there. But they did manage to rack up some success while they were in the league. They helped propel Brad Keselowski to victory during the 2012 racing season, which put their name at the forefront. But for the time being, it seems as though Dodge will be staying out of the racing scene. Officials within NASCAR have expressed interest in securing additional manufacturers within the series, but it is unclear which company will begin to fulfill that role.

Many players will be interested to hear about some of the early changes underway so far this season. The qualifying process has changed somewhat, which has created some buzz. The qualifying events will now be held much like traditional races. This means that drivers will be expected to follow suit down the track and push for position as best as possible. This may be bringing in some new competition, pushing drivers to stay competitive in these events. Anyone interested in seeing this work will want to purchase NASCAR tickets soon.