Houston Making Moves


Off Season Rumors Swirl For Houston Rockets

Anyone looking to buy NBA tickets to see the Houston Rockets will want to know about some of the most recent rumors surrounding their team. They have sparked a lot of league wide interest since they signed Dwight Howard to their roster. People are wondering if they will add more pieces and make a run for the championship this year. Last season they showed signs of improvement by picking up James Harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Fans are no doubt wondering what they will do to compete in the Western Conference this year. Some people think that they may not have much competition if the Lakers and other teams continue to deteriorate.

One rumored acquisition may be Ronnie Brewer. The 28-year old is a free agent this year, so he could be signed by anyone. He has played for a number of teams in the past, including Utah Jazz. He plays at the forward position, which could put him in direct competition against James Harden for minutes. He may be coming off the bench to provide a much needed defensive spark. It is unknown how the fans holding Houston Rockets tickets will react to this move. There have been a number of different changes to this team recently, but fans have stuck with them through it all. Houston Rockets tickets have remained popular over the past few years.

Finally, some people may be interested to see where Dwight Howard fits in on the roster for the team. Howard has traditionally played the Center position, though at times he has played at Power Forward. The Rockets still have Omer Asik, who started as their center throughout the entire season last year. There is some speculation that the two could start on the floor together, with Howard playing as Power Forward. Other people assume that Asik may be traded at some point during the off season. Anyone holding Houston Rocket tickets will want to stay on top of these developments over the next few months.