Knicks Injury Report

New York Knicks

JR Smith Returns for 2013-2014 NBA Season After Suspension

This year has been a turbulent one for both Smith and Knicks fans alike, as the team quickly scrambles to pick up the pieces after a disappointing start to the regular season. Smith, who underwent patellar tendon and knee surgery just after signing a three year, and $18 million contract has not seen any action this year. Currently, the Knicks are plagued by injuries and lack of effective communication, is JR the piece they need to make a comeback before it’s too late? Is there any hope for the faithful fans looking to buy New York Knicks tickets? Many believe that the “sixth man of the year” (from last season) is the last shot the Knickerbockers have.

Tyson Chandler Injury Puts Knicks Behind

The team’s center, 31 year old Tyson Chandler, recently suffered a fracture to his right fibula and limped off the court during the Bobcats game. Chandler, a seasoned NBA all-star, is one of the team’s most valuable assets aside from Carmelo Anthony. Just two years prior he signed a $58 million dollar contract for just four years. Knicks defense is surely going to suffer after a loss of this nature, and many are speculating as to whether the Knicks will trade him, or acquire a replacement for the remainder of the season. One thing is for certain, with Chandler out, the management needs to have a backup plan if they want to compete defensively.

NYK Shot At an NBA Championship?

What many fans are forgetting is that there is a wealth of talent surrounding the franchise, in addition to the dire hard following that gathers at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York City every year. In order to be a top contender this year, the team needs to fully evaluate their weaknesses; from the physical limitations of their players to their play calling and strategy. Head coach Mike Woodson has reiterated that the team will be undergoing many changes, but finding a “big man” in the meantime will be difficult. One thing is for certain, the Knickerbockers need all the support they can get, and will remain optimistic, despite the numerous injuries; in the meantime, there are sure to be sales for fans looking to buy New York Knicks tickets.